Referendum 20 October 2012

Referendum 20 October 2012 An advisory referendum on the proposals by the Constitutional Council for a draft Constitional Act and particular points relating to the proposals was held in Iceland 20 October 2012. Matters regarding the eligibility to vote and the electoral register were resolved in the same manner as in the parliamentary general elections to the Althingi. Act amending the General Elections Act regarding assistance with voting came into force 18 October 2012. The new Act allows a voter in defined circumstances to cast his vote with the assistance of a representative of own choice.
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26 September 2014

Participation in local government elections 31 May 2014

Turnout in the 2014 local government elections was the lowest to date, with only 66.5% participating. Turnout was higher amongst women than amongst men, or 67.3% compared to 65.9%. A total of 158,616 people in 71 municipalities voted in the election, which was held on May 31. The election went uncontested in three municipalities.More
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