Húsnæði Hagstofu Íslands

Statistics Iceland is the National Statistical Institute of Iceland and was founded in 1914. Statistics Iceland is the centre for official statistics in Iceland and has the leading role in the organisation, coordination and conduct thereof. Ólafur Hjálmarsson is the Director-General.

Statistics Iceland collects, processes and disseminates data on the economy and society. Statistics Iceland is divided into five divisions:

Economic statistics

External trade
Processing of data on imports, exports and balance of trade of goods and services as well as statistics on price and volume indices.  

Price statistics
The price statistics department compiles and calculates the consumer price index, the building cost index, the producer price index and related indices. 

National accounts and public finance
The department on national accounts and public finance is responsible for the annual production and expenditure accounts, quarterly national accounts, income distribution, short term indicators, tourism satellite accounts and statistics on public finances. 

Director of the division: Björn Rúnar Björnsson

Social statistics

Labour market and social statistics
The department collects and produces statistics on employment, living conditions, census, social indicators, social protection, health, gender, children, housing, elections, media and culture.

Wage statistics and education
Data on wages, earnings and labour cost are collected and produced in the department.

Director of division: Hrafnhildur Arnkelsdóttir

Business statistics

Business statistics
The department is responsible for the statistical business register. The department also produces short term statistics on VAT-turnover as well as structural business statistics. Statistics on tourism, industry, agriculture and science and technology are also produced.

Environment statistics
Statistics on waste and emission of greenhouse gases are produced as well as environmental accounts integrated with national accounts. The department also produces statistics on fisheries.

Director of division: Böðvar Þórisson


Operation, finance and security
The division is responsible for operation, accounting and finance as well as security.

Information technology
The department is responsible for digitalisation, operation and services of computer systems as well as programming and operation of tailored software systems. 

Data collection
Data collection conducts researches and collects data for the production of statistics within Statistics Iceland. The telephone switchboard is a part of the department.

Director of division: Elsa B. Knútsdóttir

Research unit

The research unit monitors the Icelandic economy and make economic forecasts for public disclosure.

The research unit appertains to the Director-General Ólafur Hjálmarsson.

Administration and cooperation

Communication is responsible for dissemination of statistics, publications, information services and editing, organising and maintaining the external and internal websites.

International cooperation
The division organises Statistics Iceland’s cooperation with e.g., the European statistical system (ESS), the Nordic countries, and international organisations such as the United Nations (UN) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Methods and researcher services
Methodology, tailored statistics, cooperation with other producers of statistics and service to the research society is among tasks, as well as managing of applications for micro data.

Director of division: Ólafur Arnar Þórðarson