Citizenship, changes

0. Registration entry for subjects

0.1 Name

Citizenship, changes

0.2 Subject area


0.3 Responsible authority; office, division, person etc.

Ómar Harðarson
Guðjón Hauksson
Brynjólfur Sigurjónsson
Hagstofa Íslands

0.4 Purpose and history

Systematic compilation of tables on changes in citizenship commenced in 1961. During the years 1961-1980 children younger than 18 who became Icelandic nationals due to a parent were not counted in published statistics. The tables include those mentioned in law on the provision of citizenship. In the annual tables, only individuals of 18 years or older are counted, age is measured according to age on the 31 December of the relevant year. Children younger than 18 received Icelandic citizenship with parents / a parent, and until 1980 they are left out of the tables. Figures from 1981 include every person receiving complete citizenship over the course of the year, including children who receive Icelandic citizenship with their parents.

0.5 Users and application

Municipalities, institutions, companies, organisations and individuals.

0.6 Sources

The National Register of Persons records information on changes to citizenship.

0.7 Legal basis for official statistics

Act on Icelandic citizenship no. 100/1952. This act was amended with Act no. 49/1982 and no. 62/1992.

0.8 Response burden

The National Register of Persons continuously receives information for civil registration and the compilation of tables.

0.9 EEA and EU obligations

1. Contents

1.1 Description of content

Those individuals who change citizenship and are domiciled in Iceland are counted in tables on citizenship changes. In published material the total number of persons receiving Icelandic citizenship is shown.

1.2 Statistical concepts

2. Time

2.1 Reference periods

Calendar year.

2.2 Process time

The process time is five to six months; from end of year until June.

2.3 Punctuality

Figures on citizenship changes are published in the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland. Further information is available from the database of the Information Department of Statistics Iceland.

2.4 Frequency of releases

Statistics on citizenship changes are published annually in the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland.

3. Reliability and security

3.1 Accuracy and reliability

Figures cover all citizenship changes. No reports are known to be missing for the last few years.

3.2 Sources of errors

Delays regarding citizenship changes in the processing of the National Register of Persons mainly occur due to delayed adoption reports. In order to keep errors to a minimum, five months are allowed for reports to reach the National Register of Persons.

3.3 Measures on confidence limits/accuracy

Confidence limits are not calculated.

4. Comparison

4.1 Comparison between periods

With changes in law regarding Icelandic citizenship in 1982 more accurate reports on children younger than 18 were taken up. From 1981 the number of those receiving Icelandic citizenship is not comparable with older figures.

4.2 Comparison with other statistics

4.3 Coherence between preliminary and final statistics

No preliminary statistics are published for citizenship changes.

5. Access to information

5.1 Forms of dissemination

  • News, released on Statistics Iceland's website
  • Statistics, categorised statistical web tables
  • Statistical Series, Hagtíðindi
  • Statistical Yearbook of Iceland, Landshagir
  • Population statistics until 1980, in the series Hagskýrslur Íslands
  • Hagskinna. Icelandic historical statistics

5.2 Basic data; storage and usability

Data is stored in digital format by the Population Department of Statistics Iceland. No access is provided to information regarding individuals. However, it is possible to have data especially processed.

5.3 Reports

5.4 Other information

Further information is available from the Population Statistics Department of Statistics Iceland.

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