2 March 2015

138,815 million ISK surplus of trade in services in 2014, according to preliminary figures

Export of services for the fourth quarter of 2014, according to preliminary figures, was 110,899 million ISK and the import of services 99,118 million ISK. Therefore, the services trade surplus in the fourth quarter of 2014 was 11,780 million ISK but the surplus in the fourth quarter of 2013 was 18,877 million ISK at current exchange rates.More
27 February 2015

Value of catch in November 2014 decreased by 2.7%

Value of catch in November 2014 was 2.7% less than it was in November 2013. Value of demersal catch was 2,4% higher than in the same month in the previous year, but for other species the value decreased.More
27 February 2015

Producer prices increase by 0.2% from previous month

The producer price index (PPI) in January 2015 was 223.4 points (4. quarter 2005 = 100), 0.2% higher than in the previous month. The PPI for fish products was 276.1 points which is 1.0% higher than in Desember 2014 (effect on the index 0.3%) and the PPI for power intensive industry products was 236.0 points, 0.6% lower (-0.2%). More
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Inflation 2012-2015 (Consumer price index, annualized rates,
12 months, %)

0.8% inflation, Feb. 2015

Balance of trade

Balance of trade 2013-2015 (billion ISK)

At current prices


Unemployment by months
2013-2014, %

4.3% December 2014

Economic growth

Economic growth 2011-2013 (GDP, volume change on previous year)

Key figures

Key Figures

Population 1. Jan 2014

Economic growth 2013 3.5
GDP 2013 MISK 1,873,013
CPI - February  422.1
Wage index, Jan.  498.1
BCI - for March  123.2
PPI - January 223.4
Fish catches, Jan. t. 91,906, Jan. MISK 7,193
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Census 2011
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