31 July 2015

Value of catch decreases in April 2015

Value of catch was about 10 billion ISK in April 2015, 8.8% less than in April 2014. Cod was as usual the most valuable demersal species, with value of 3,8 billions in April which is a 7,2% decrease compared to April 2014. Value of blue whiting decresed 35.7% compared to April 2014.More
31 July 2015

The deficit of the balance of trade in goods was ISK 5,900 million in the first half of 2015

The value of exported goods from Iceland amounted to over ISK 332,400 million fob and the value of imported goods amounted to almost ISK 338,400 million fob (ISK 360,700 million cif) in the first six months of 2015More
28 July 2015

Insolvencies decreased by 12% and new registrations increased by 11%

New registrations of private limited companies increased by 11% over the last 12 months, from July 2014 to June 2015, compared to the prior 12 months. There were 2,173 new registrations in that period. The highest increase of new registrations was in Construction, 48% increase over a 12 months period.More
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Balance of trade

Balance of trade 2013-2015 (billion ISK)

At current prices


Inflation 2012-2015 (Consumer price index, annualized rates,
12 months, %)

1.9% inflation, July 2015


Unemployment by months
2013-2015, %

2.9% June 2015

Economic growth

Economic growth 2012-2014 (GDP, volume change on previous year)

Key figures

Key Figures

Population 1. Jan 2015

Economic growth 2014 1.9
GDP 2014 MISK 1,993,336
CPI - July  430.0
Wage index, June  517.1
BCI - for August  127.9
PPI - June 221.8
Fish catches, May t. 144,345, June MISK -10,181
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