Friday - 20 April 2012
No. 75/2012

8.3% increase in overnight stays in 2011

The total number of overnight stays was 3.2 million in the year 2011, which is an 8.3% increase compared to the year 2010. Nights spent by foreign tourists accounted for 75% of the total number of overnight stays in 2011 and increased by 14% compared with previous year. At the same time overnight stays of Icelanders decreased by 6%. From 2010 to 2011 the number of overnight stays increased in all types of accommodation establishments except for sleeping-bag facilities and camping sites.

In a new issue of Statistical Series, Statistics Iceland publishes accommodation statistics for the year 2011. Results are presented by overnight stays, arrivals, average length of stay and occupancy rates by different types of accommodation establishments. Figures are broken down by region and citizenship of guests.

Tourist accommodation 2011 – Statistical Series

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