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22.10.2014Population by municipality, sex, citizenship and quarters 2010 -2014
22.10.2014Births, deaths and migration by sex and citizenship, NUTS3 regions and quarters 2010-2014
22.10.2014Indices overview
22.10.2014Changes in the monthly wage index from 1989-2014
22.10.2014Real wages, index 1989-2014
22.10.2014Index for mortgage payment adjustment 2008-2014
22.10.2014Wage index for mortgage payment adjustment 1979-2014
22.10.2014Employment, unemployment and labour force - Orginal Data - Monthly 2003-2014
22.10.2014Seasonally Adjusted - Employment, unemployment and labour force - Seasonally Adjusted - Monthly 2003-2014
22.10.2014Employment, unemployment and labour force - Trend Seasonally Adjusted - Monthly 2003-2014
17.10.2014Changes in harmonised indices of consumer prices from 2005
17.10.2014Harmonised indices of consumer prices by countries and months from 2006
17.10.2014Breakdown of HICP in main groups September 2013-2014
17.10.2014Harmonised index for consumer prices for Iceland, subindices from 2006
16.10.2014Catch by species, category of vessel and fishing gear, January 2000 - September 2014
16.10.2014Total value of catch in fixed prices 2000-2014
16.10.2014Catch by species and place of landing, January 2000 - September 2014
10.10.2014Catch and catch value by quota class of fishing vessel and home port 2003-2013
10.10.2014Catch by quota class of fishing vessels and fish species 1992-2013
10.10.2014Catch by home ports of vessels, quota class and species 1992-2013

Key figures

Key Figures

Population 1. Jan 2014

Economic growth 2013 3.5
GDP 2013 MISK 1,873,013
CPI - September  422.6
Wage index, Sept.  490.6
BCI - for November  120.6
PPI - August 208.6
Fish catches, Sept. t. 99.052, August MISK 4,452
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