Population projection 2013-2060

Population projection 2013-2060 The population in Iceland will increase from 321.8 thousand in 2013 to 430.5 thousand in 2060 according to the medium variant of the population projection of Statistics Iceland. The low variant projects 387.6 thousand, while the high variant projects 491.0 thousand persons by the end of the projection period.
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4 March 2014

Population 1 January 2014

The total population 1 January 2013 was 325,671 compared with 321,857 in 2013. This constitutes an increase of 1.2%. The population declined in two regions, primarily in the Northwest which lost 0.8% of its population in 2014. Six regions experienced a population increase. The region Su­urnes gained most proportionally (1.7%) where the population increased by 354 persons.More
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