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Subscribe to the Statistical Yearbook of Iceland or Statistical Series by selecting categories below, filling out the form and pressing Submit. Annual subscribers of Statistical Series receive a printed edition of each issue by mail when payment has been received (see our Advance Release Calendar for specific dates). A 5% discount is included in the prices of the categories. Please note that subscriptions are on an annual basis, if you do not wish to continue your subscription after a year, please send us your cancellation.

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 Statistical Yearbook of Iceland  € 50
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Population  € 20
Wages, income and labour market  € 52
Enterprises and turnover  € 15
Fisheries and agriculture  € 32
Manufacturing  € 6
Tourism, transport and information technology  € 20
Prices and consumption  € 24
External trade  € 9
National accounts  € 70
Health, social affairs, justice  € 12
Education  € 17
Media and culture  € 6
Elections  € 15

 All categories  € 298  (15% discount)

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