During the school year 2023-2024 18.7% of teaching staff were without a licence, the highest proportion since 2002. The number of teachers without a licence increased by 132 from the autumn of 2022.

The proportion of unlicenced teachers was higher among male than female teachers. Among male teachers 26.9% were unlicenced but 16.9% among female teachers.

Highest number of male teachers since 2003
In the autumn of 2023 there were 9,475 staff members working 8.415 full-time equivalent jobs in compulsory schools in Iceland, an increase of 0.7% from the previous year. Thereof, 5,911 were teaching personnel.

Male teachers were 1,089 in the autumn of 2023, the highest number since 2003. However, their share of teaching staff has been decreasing in those two decades, as they were 23.3% of teaching staff in 2003 but ranging from 17.5% to 18.7% during the last decade.

Lower avarage age of teachers without a licence
The average age of teaching staff is slightly lower than in the previous year, it drops from 46.7 to 46.1 years. The drop is caused by the drop in age of unlicenced teachers from 38.0 years to 35.7, as the average age of licensed teachers is about the same as in 2022, or 48.5 years.


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