The population of Iceland was 357,050 at the end of the 4th quarter 2018, 182,870 males and 174,180 females. The population increased by 1,420 from the previous quarter. Inhabitants of the capital region were 228,260 and 128,780 lived outside the capital region.


A total of 1,080 children were born in the 4th quarter and 560 persons died. Net migration was 910 persons. The net migration of persons with Icelandic citizenship was negative by 5, and positive by 920 for foreign citizens.

Denmark was the most popular destination for Icelandic citizens with 120 persons emigrating in the quarter. Of the 470 Icelandic citizens who emigrated, 240 went to Denmark, Norway or Sweden. The largest group of the 1,200 foreign citizens who emigrated went to Poland (400).

Immigrants of Icelandic citizenship came mostly from Denmark, Norway or Sweden, 300 out of 470, while Poland was the country of origin for most of the foreign immigrants, 720 out of 2,110. Lithuania came second with 170 immigrants. Foreign citizens were 44,310 (12.4%) by the end of the quarter.

Population, births, deaths and migration in the 4th quarter 2018
Population at the end of the quarter357,050182,870174,180
Population at the start of the quarter355,620182,040173,580
Net migration910570350
All numbers are rounded. When greater than 50 to the next 10 and to the next 5 when 50 or less. Due to the rounding, figures may not add up to totals and subtotals.
The National Register of Persons is used to calculate the population.