Export and export production of marine products 2015

  • Statistical Series
  • 20. June 2016
  • Vol 101, Issue 14
  • ISSN: 1670-4770

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In 2015 the export production of marine products amounted to nearly 267 billion ISK and decreased in value by 6% from the previous year, i.e. the sum of export and stock changes. Production at constant prices decreased by 4%. The total export in 2015 was 632,000 tonnes compared to 654,000 in 2014. Frozen products generated half of the value of exported marine products. Of single products, the value of frozen cod was highest, 35.6 billion ISK, and the value of iced cod was second highest at 34.4 billion ISK. Around 75% of Icelandic marine products was sold to Europe, 8.6% to Asia and 8% to North America.

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