Health care expenditure in Iceland 1998-2010

  • Statistical Series
  • 14. April 2011
  • Vol 96, Issue 25
  • ISSN: 1670-4665

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The total health expenditure in Iceland in 2010 amounted to 143.5 billion ISK or 9.3% of GDP. Thereof, the general government expenditure was 115.6 billion ISK and the private expenditure 27.9 billion ISK or 19.5% of the total. The share of the health expenditure is around 15.0% of the general government total expenditure. Of the total health expenditure in 2010, 55% was spent on in-patient care, 25% on out-patient care and 18% on medical goods dispensed to out-patients. The remaining part or 2.8% went to health administration and other health categories.

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